Fully automatic octabins assembly station:                                                  

Octabins are boxes for regrind, granules and bulk materials of all kinds. Because of the increasing automation in the packaging industry it is necessary to erect the octabins fully automatic and to position it on the pallet.
SG-Automatisierungstechnik delivers assembling systems for fully automatic erecting of various types of octabins (Single octabins or telescoping octabins) .

The octabins assembly plant is not only suitable for "Ready for Use" Octabins (with integrated self assembling Bottom), but also octabins with external bottom feeders (glued, or just folded variants) can be processed.

The product range is rounded off by pallet magazines with separating device, INLINER machines including testing device for lining the octabins with a foil bag.
Fully automatic octabins assembly system with robot
Fully automatic octabins assembly system with robot